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Linux Anyone else jump from 11.10 to 12.04 (Ubuntu)

Discussion in 'Software' started by Burnout21, 30 Apr 2012.

  1. Itchy Rim

    Itchy Rim Member

    3 Jan 2012
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    That ubuntu Unity and 12.04 is a ****, its got more bugs than a prossies minge. I tried it but wiped it out and went back to 10.04LTS

    Itchy Rim
  2. Virus44

    Virus44 New Member

    2 Nov 2011
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    And this is why i stayed on 11.04 instead of going any further when i upgraded last time.
  3. Burnout21

    Burnout21 Is the daddy!

    9 Sep 2005
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    well its been a while since the upgrade, and its grown on me. I odd bug will pop up on me but in general as each day goes by i find something new to tweak.

    Today for instance i decided to enable/fix the screen rotate button on my X61t, it was a headache when i first got this laptop so i put it off after the upgrade broke it. Since then i've done a fresh install i hope to fix the 'connect to server gui bug' which i later found out is an on going bug not isolated to myself...

    i feel i've tweaked tooo much in one day, and anyone who is a linux user you know your not far from one tweak too many before its cooked.
  4. will_123

    will_123 Small childs brain in a big body

    2 Feb 2011
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    Installed Kubuntu 12.04 yesterday. Its fantastic. Great update from 11.04. haven't really hit any bugs yet so far. Just love KDE.

    Just leaving my router running on 11.04 just now no real reason to jump ship just yet, its stable so its staying put for now.

  5. Posicoln

    Posicoln New Member

    10 Jun 2012
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    I think the 'hardcore' linux users should step away from ubuntu now, looking more towards red hat, fedora, debian et al. Canonical are trying to do what us opern source users have wanted for a while - moving more people away from windows (and mac) onto a free installation.
    The main downfall of linux operating systems is their lack of software support - the reason why most people don't move from windows (that and ignorance). Ubuntu is attempting to be more user friendly, similar to tablet interfaces, making it more accessable to potential users that feel like they are diving into something totally different that what they are used to.
    So, if more consumers/people move to ubuntu, (even if you don't like it and move to a different linux), then software companies will see that more people would benefit from their product on that platform. We can see this starting with steam and spotify. Although these builds would be geared for ubuntu, it would be MUCH EASIER to run those programs through an emulator than through wine, if any compatibility issues did occur, eventually benefiting the old time linux user.

    As I read in a magazine "why pay to be confused [by windows 8] when linux can confuse you for free".
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  6. theshadow2001

    theshadow2001 [DELETE] means [DELETE]

    3 May 2012
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    I've ran a few distributions on my laptop at this stage. 10.04 worked nicely on my laptop but there were driver issues for the built in mic, so I upgraded to 11.10 which ended up being absolutely painful to use. Not because of unity per se (although I really think the main unity menu could be organised a lot better) but because of piss poor graphics drivers. Upgrading to 12.04 did nothing to remedy that. The UI in Vista responded quicker and better on my laptop. Gnome 3 with ubuntu was also sluggish.

    I ended up trying Mint 13 with cinnamon which was an improvement. But the best working distribution I've had to date is Mint 13 with mate. Mate is decent looking enough without being too heavy on system resources. It responds much better than what's bundled with Ubuntu. I think ubuntu 12.04 needs good modern hardware to run well which sort of goes against the linux ethos. 11.10/12.04 is ubuntu's Vista.

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