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Windows AoC's Community get's an F

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by themax, 15 Jun 2008.

  1. themax

    themax New Member

    2 Dec 2005
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    For a game with a mature rating, you would expect a mature lot of folks you would be playing with, but so far it seems the mature rating of the game has become a scapegoat for people to act like an asshat. Someone saying racist comments; apparently it's the "mature" thing according to the AoC community to use the ignore feature instead of said person being reprimanded. Playing on a PvP server? Its "mature" to exploit the game, then use disparaging and insults because the PvP community says they are taunting you and mean nothing by it. Get real. Just last night I had an experience that has seriously made me question whether or not I really want to keep playing.

    I play on a PvP server Tyranny. I like the thrill of having to watch my back, and having guild rivalry and hunting down with a guild bounty on them. It's fun, but it seems the majority of the Tyranny's population, to include the other PvP servers are just nothing but jackasses. I was talking to an NPC when a Barbarian decides to start attacking me and killed me. Fine whatever, I go back, he does it again. I finally change my instance (apparently, on a PvP you are at the mercy of the guy killing you when they exploit because the community doesn't want to hear how they killed you while talking to an NPC, or while you were still zoning in, or at the Resurrection points which are bugged sometimes when trying to change your instance), and ask him for real PvP if he wants it so bad. What do I get? "Get raped faggot" "LOLUMAD?" "Lrn2PVP" "U Suck" and the likes. You know, the typical "I am behind a computer and will say what I want" talk. I honestly don't get it. I am by no means complaining about PvP, the other day I was killed repeatedly by a Ranger in town before changing my instance, the difference? He wasn't waiting till I talked to an NPC and I myself engaged him many times and initiated combat. I have no gripes with PvP but I do have gripes with folks exploiting and thinking they are PvPing. That whole little incident put me off for the rest of the night; yes the little **** got what he wanted out of me, I was pissed and he knew it. But you know what? I may just stop playing on Tyranny, and go PvE because its BS that everyone's only answer is to "change your instance". Forget reporting the exploiter, forget calling him out in OOC chat, they will defend him till the end and his right to "hardcore pvp" and noone will stop him because to them it's funny as hell.

    Sorry had to vent, I'm done now.
  2. BioSniper

    BioSniper New Member

    5 Feb 2002
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    I know what you mean but the problem is that the PvP servers have attracted the children.
    The more mature of us seem to be on the PvE servers making guilds and friends to play with instead of smashing each other to pieces though I do agree that its sad that it has to come to that but I guess it's good to know you aren't the only one.
  3. Bogomip

    Bogomip ... Yo Momma

    15 Jun 2002
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    Im with you, but thats unfortunatele the state of mmorpg players. I only play wow but the amount of dicks there are in it is staggering - the people that kill you for absolutele no reason then camp you... for no reason. Its annoying but in the end if you dont take it with a pinch of salt you will have to stop playing.

    I suggest ignoring all the people who are jerks and when it comes to finding people to party with their whispers will unfortunatele not be heard :)

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