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Build Advice APU/Discrete GPU

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by legoman, 12 Jul 2019.

  1. legoman

    legoman breaker of things

    28 Feb 2010
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    Little stumped on how to go with this so throwing it out to you lot.

    Current kit

    LZ7 case
    B450i Aorus board
    Ryzen 2400G
    16GB RAM
    Cryorig C7 cooler - Noctua NFA9 PWM clipped on
    Corsair SF600 (Overkill)

    Now, I was running an RX570 but turns out I can get 40fps in game without it I Vsync but games I play lock out at 60FPS. Only issue is APU alone is a bit noisy from the CPU fan noise

    Image below (not mine) shows basically the innards as they are

    So fan at the front, currently off as I cant find a splitter an the board has one fan header, urgh.
    Anyway currently I have a 14cm fan in the exhaust position where the graphics card is

    Temp wise im hitting a toasty 66c steady in games or benching idles at 46c, seems a bit high to me but the systems silent.

    So, choices

    Test with second fan as intake and leave (doing this anyway) so real choices below. Just to add the graphics card is close to silent most of the time

    A) Refit GPU removing the 14CM exhaust

    B) Get a HDPLEX or similar an fit either a small tower cooler or AIO

    C) Get a HDPLEX or similar an fit either a small tower cooler or AIO and refit the graphics card
  2. xaser04

    xaser04 Ba Ba Ba BANANA!

    27 Jun 2008
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    Temps are fine based on the numbers you have quoted.

    Given the additional performance and the fact it is nearly silent I would add the GPU back in and if necessary add the other intake fan. Maybe control them both (intakes) via the Q-fan in the bios.

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