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Windows Asus Ai Suite II

Discussion in 'Software' started by sonicgroove, 24 Mar 2011.

  1. sonicgroove

    sonicgroove Radical Atheist

    16 Mar 2011
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    Just downloaded and updated my Ai suite to v.II and ran the automatic overclocking function again. Previous version blue screened the PC at 4.5Ghz but worked beautifully at 4.43Ghz (43x103).

    This version, I had to stop, as it carried on without error or issue right the way to 5Ghz!!!:jawdrop:. The only reason I stopped it was due to heat! it flashed up a 'CPU at 91degrees' warning!! so i stepped it back to 4.8Ghz and ran a superPi (7.956...yes I am willy waving :D)

    In short, if you have a K series SB CPU, get the new version!!. I can't wait till my Fenrir 1155 bracket arrives now, as this was with a stock cooler!:eeek:

    I have tried and tried to get to this speed through the UEFI with no success at all, even after following every guide on the net, so this makes me very happy.:baby:
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  2. Hawkest

    Hawkest I got some 4GB new RAM

    22 Jun 2009
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    Very nice, can't wait to upgrade to sandybridge! Keep us posted!

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