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Autotext / Fill-in and Formatting problems

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by Brooxy, 23 Dec 2008.

  1. Brooxy

    Brooxy Loser of the Game

    20 Apr 2006
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    Just a quick question to run past the brains of bit. I'm trying to make some autotext templates, to use in emails, with the fill-in function so I can use one template for a batch of emails, and fill in variables (usernames and passwords in this case)

    Problem is, I have the autotext working, but it scrambles the formatting somewhat.

    For example, when the autotext entry is created, I'll have a hyperlink on there, which appears blue and underlined as it should, but when I pull the template out in an email, it scrambles the blue underlined formatting, so it doesn't cover the entirety of the link, and also it puts some on the line below.

    Any ideas? As far as I can see it's OK with the fill-in option turned off, but I have been asked to incorporate this function into the templates, so turning it off isn't really an option.

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