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Case Mod - In Progress BeagleBox - GameCube PC Mod

Discussion in 'Project Logs' started by russet_wolf, 2 Jul 2010.

  1. russet_wolf

    russet_wolf Newbie Modder

    28 Jun 2010
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    This is my first mod, modeled after Neji's PicoCube. I decided to make some use of the GC gathering dust in my closet, so I've taken it apart with a melted ball-point pen (though I did order a gamebit screwdriver to put it back together) and ordered the parts I'll need for at least an initial build.

    I decided to replace Neji's use of a Pico-ITX form-factor mobo with a Beagleboard from Texas Instruments. The reason was mainly that, being new to building computers, the variety of Pico boards was too much to distinguish between for me. Price was also an issue, as a near-broke high school senior, so the Pico boards and the Beagleboard clone IGEPv2 (which is what I realy wanted) were knocked out of the running. I also didn't have the patience to wait for the Beagleboard xM which wouldn't ship for another 5 or so weeks, so I bought the C4 revision. Below is a list of parts and prices (in CAD) which I have purchased so far, to be updated if I update the build.

    - Beagleboard C4 with USB power cord from SparkFun ($169.01 shipped)
    - AC powered 7-port USB hub from eBay ($5.10 shipped)
    - USB Ethernet dongle from DealeXtreme ($5.23 shipped)
    - HDMI to DIV-D adapter from eBay ($1.57 shipped)
    - USB OTG cable from eBay ($1.98 shipped)
    - AT/Everex Cable and Null Modem Cable from PCCables.com ($11.74 shipped)
    - Triwing and Gamebit screwdrivers from Play-Asia ($14.12 shipped)
    (I just got the triwing screwdriver because I need it for another project and it would be included in the shipping fee, so the price or just the gamebit was about $4 lower.)

    Updates and photos to come when the parts arrive!
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