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Networks Belkin PCI cards and Sky broadband?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Rolo, 26 Feb 2007.

  1. Rolo

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    13 Oct 2003
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    Ok before we start, please no flaming for using belkin networking gear and having sky bb :p its a problem with stuff at home and its my parents deal and they paid for it, i just installed it for them- post buying :(

    anyway...... we recently got sky bb and everything for me is fine. my laptop connects wirelessly and my desktop does (belkin MIMO usb- it was 1/2 price in pcworld and im a student:p altho its changed my mind on belkin a bit, its actually a good bit of kit) i believe that sky uses WPA encryption and ive put the passkey in fine and not had a problem with either, had v good pings on css- the only real trouble is ventrilo lagging a little, although vent is just a lil tempremental.

    i formatted the PCs with the F5D7000 cards in and installed the cards using the drivers off the website and everything seemed fine. however when i changed the encryption to WPA-psk (so i could put the passkey in) it tried to connect then froze the system entirely. I have to hold the power button in to turn it off and reboot it, when it works fine again. Im really confused about it and ive been known to make errors in the past so could well just be me.

    does sky have a different encryption that doesnt work with the broadcom 4306 chipset? (i think that thats the chipset on them) cos atm thats the only thing i can think of :(

    any help appreciated and many thanks in advance!


    edit: router is DG834GT/B btw, google didnt bring me anything on problems :-/
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