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Displays Best 24" gaming monitor up to £300

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Energizer bunny, 30 Oct 2011.

  1. Energizer bunny

    Energizer bunny What's a Dremel?

    30 Oct 2011
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    Hi guys

    So my old 24" samsung tn panel packed up today. Its been a faithful friend to me but hey, its gone now so time to look for a new model.

    Now my first thought had been to just go looking for another sammy at a decent price of the same size (24"), resolution (1900 * 1200 - though im perfectly happy with 1900*1080) and response time (5ms) and low and behold i found the S24a350 which has all that for £150 and comes with the bonus of a 2ms response time.

    However, being a natural procrastinator I started looking into it further and quickly found that there were a lot of options out there if I was willing to spend a bit more. So over the last 24 hours I've been introducing myself to the world of IPS and 120htz with the end result that.... I have no idea what to do!

    Its worth saying at this point I use my PC more or less exclusively for gaming. I should also say that I have an ok rig, but Im never one to spend a million bucks to get the absolute latest graphics cards. My current rig still has a q6600 at its heart and will run rage at the above resolution but it isnt going to eat Crysis alive on max settings at mega res. I keep my rig up to date enough to run the latest games at native res but thats it. All that said, Im interested in the difference a good monitor will make so will spend up to £300 for a screen now.

    So on that basis, Ive been wondering if an IPS is the way to go? I know the colours are supposedly great but the response times on the IPS screens within my budget (dell ultrasharp u2412m) are 8ms and I read varying reports of the significance of that. Some say they're fine and it makes no difference. Others say there is ghosting and if you arent a photoshop junkie there is no point going IPS.

    The other thing I've had recommended are some of the new 120htz 3d monitors out there such as the Benq xl2410t. The response times are very nippy but I have to say I have no interest in 3d gaming right now. That leaves the 120htz factor, which again appears to vary in terms of importance depending on who you are. I've read th recent discussion and was troubled that (if i understand correctly) you can only really take advantage of 120htz with a monster rig which I dont and never will have.

    So does anybody have any tips? My mind is open to all options but I'd love some ideas as to whether I should go IPS or for one of the 120htz things? Or maybe even accept my own limitations (i.e. medium spec hardware and pure gaming needs) and just go for another cheap tn panel?

    I know we have a few experts on here so would appreciate any help or advice.

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