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Apple Best format for sharing articles?

Discussion in 'Software' started by Mr-IK, 1 Mar 2014.

  1. Mr-IK

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    12 Mar 2007
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    Hey guys.

    Hope this is the right forum. I'm editing the student magazine on my campus along with a few others, and we consistently have a few problems with sharing images between us. We all use the Adobe CS5 or 6 package, but sometimes we don't have the same fonts all at once (specially happens when I'm doing infographics).

    We are not super tech-savvy, which means the hassle of getting a font installed across all computers will often be a waste of time.

    Which format should we use when sharing files in our dropbox? It's like PDF's will sometimes change, which is bad, as the quality seems to be a lot better than that of a JPEG or PNG file. I hope someone will be able to shed light on this problem :thumb:

    Thanks in advance!

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