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Other Best UK VPS?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by gcwebbyuk, 11 May 2014.

  1. gcwebbyuk

    gcwebbyuk Dib Dabbler

    16 Feb 2010
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    I am not sure if this is in the right section - Admin, please move if you can think of a better section...

    I currently have three WebFusion VPS and one Hetzner. The three Webfusion servers use Plesk 11 for hosting, and the Hetzner server just uses Bind as a backup nameserver pulling records from my main nameserver.

    I am about to add a fourth Plesk VPS - but just wondered if anyone had any suggestions for an alternative company to Webfusion?

    I have had no problems with Webfusion, other than the odd support query, which has always been dealt with quickly.

    However, there seems to be such a range in prices out there.

    Two of my servers are the Community plan - 100GB disk space, 2GB RAM, 30 Plesk sites, 2 IP addresses. The other is their starter plan - 50GB disk space, 1GB RAM, 10 Plesk sites and 1 IP.

    What do you guys/gals use - any recommendations? :thumb:

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