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Networks Best way to connect

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Whitlog, 4 Apr 2005.

  1. Whitlog

    Whitlog What's a Dremel?

    26 Jul 2004
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    i have 2 PC's next to each other,i have 1.1 Broad Band connection and i want to have both my Pc's connected to the internet,is it best that i get a wireless router or should i get a normal Router,and any suggetions of good routers to use and websites given instructions how to link my 2 pc's and set the network up as i have never done this before

    any help,advice etc would be great

    thankyou in advanced
  2. ajack

    ajack rox

    17 Apr 2003
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    Not much point in getting a wireless router if they're right next to each other (unless they're miles away from your phone point or something) plus wired will be faster for general networking purposes.

    You can go the router way (net -> router -> pc1+pc2) or you could use ICS on pc1 so you can access the net on pc2; of course pc1 will have to be on if pc2 wants to access the net. So choose whichever is best for you; routers are damn cheap nowadays and lays the path for extra machines to be added easily if need be.

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