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Networks BT Home Hub 5 Replacement

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Retro~Burn, 12 Jun 2017.

  1. Retro~Burn

    Retro~Burn Electronically Debauched Fiend

    11 Sep 2009
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    Hi guys

    I'm looking to replace the BT Home Hub 5 we're currently using at home. We purchased it in Jan '16 and it worked fined until around Jan of this year. Issue is when we browse to a website we'll get a "page cannot be displayed" error and this occurs on any browser and all devices over LAN/Wi-Fi. When I've run the Troubleshooter in IE it mentioned the DNS server wasn't responding which tallies with my own research on the matter. The only workaround is to go into the IPV4 settings on the ethernet adapter and enter the preferred and alternative address for Google servers. I understand this is a common thing for the Home Hub routers.

    I've found the following router:

    TP-Link AC2600 (Archer VR2600)
    TP Link Archer VR2600

    It seems fine and has very positive reviews on Amazon.

    Is the router above a good replacement? Or are there better alternatives?

  2. Jeff Hine

    Jeff Hine Nothing special

    8 May 2009
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    I doubt I'm breaking any rules by mentioning a sister magazine to CustomPC, but PCPro have a "replace your ISP's router" group test in their August 2017 issue (may not be on shelves for non-subscribers, yet) - worth a read, IMO.
  3. Impatience

    Impatience Active Member

    6 Apr 2014
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    Managed to convince the parents to upgrade from their Bt HH5 to a Archer C7 (AC1750) and it's a lot better for speeds and range. Not sure how the one you found compares, but it's an option..
  4. edzieba

    edzieba Virtual Realist

    14 Jan 2009
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    For that price, you could future-proof your setup. Get a separate router, switch (if necessary), and WiFi Access Point. That way you can incrementally upgrade any bits that need replacing (e.g. new WiFi standard becomes common), place parts where convenient (Router near the cable entry point, switch in a cupboard or wherever it's convenient for all the network cables to end up, WiFi AP in the middle of the building for best coverage), and generally have more solid kit. You can also do things like add extra access points for expand the coverage without mucking about with multiple WiFi networks.

    For example:
    - Ubiquiti Edgerouter-X ~£55
    - Unifi AP AC ~£75
    - Gigabit switch (if you need more ports than the Edgerouter's 4) ~£10
  5. Snubbs

    Snubbs CustomPC Migration victim....

    27 Mar 2009
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    I believe you'll need to throw in a PPPoE VDSL (or ADSL as appropriate) modem.
    You could use the Hub 5 still for this purpose but it would mean some of the routing etc is still handled on the hub rather than the separate router, as such you may still have the same problem you're having now.
  6. Anfield

    Anfield Well-Known Member

    15 Jan 2010
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    + a modem as has been mentioned, so cable hell compared to single device solution.

    Personally I binned my homehub for an Asus DSL-AC68U, never had a single problem with it.

    If the option to upgrade bits and bobs in the network is really worth it is questionable since there is no chance of the UK getting proper internet any time soon.
  7. Instagib

    Instagib Well-Known Member

    12 Mar 2010
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    I was forced to do this myself last weekend as our BT SmartHub decided it would like to pack it all in and not bother. So far i've been really impressed with the Asus AC68U. Its got VDSL/ADSL modems built in so if you have to switch ISP down the line, you should be good to go.

    I'm a fan of Asus routers; in the past and they've never missed a beat for me and my family. One Asus DSL-N55U was on 24/7 for 5 years without an issue at my parent's house. It only failed in the end because a drink was spilled on it.
  8. Behemoth

    Behemoth Timelord in training

    1 Nov 2001
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    I had one of those it was one of the best routers I've ever used.

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