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Cooling Building a Watercooling System

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Steamed Turtle, 3 Mar 2005.

  1. Steamed Turtle

    Steamed Turtle What's a Dremel?

    24 Jan 2004
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    I'm trying to construct a watercooling and require some assistance. I've been doing some research for a couple days but I'm still very confused on some things. So I'll tell you what I do know in hopes of obtaining some assitance.

    I'll first give you some background. I have a budget of about $200-250 to work with. I'm looking to watercool simply the CPU. My case is the Chemning 602, here is a picture of my case with everything in it to show you what kind of room we're working with. The case: http://xoxide.com/chenming6021.html. My case:
    http://www.steamedturtle.com/myroom/5.jpg. I have an Antec TruePower 430Watt. This will be cooling a Athlon XP-M 2500+ on an EPoX 8RDA3+ Rev. 3. I am looking to have everything inside the case and I am not afraid to cut SOME holes, etc. If there's anything else you need to know, please ask.

    Here are the parts I have picked out already. Suggestions are welcome.

    Radiator: http://www.dangerdenstore.com/product.php?productid=1&cat=13&page=1 (Black Ice Xtreme)

    Water Block: http://www.dangerdenstore.com/product.php?productid=32&cat=20&page=1 (Maze 4)

    Pump: http://www.frozencpu.com/ex-pmp-09.html ( Eheim HPPS 12V)

    Fan: http://www.frozencpu.com/fan-22.html (YS Tech 120x38mm Fan) Noise isn't a problem, this is actually 3dB quieter than the fan I currently have on my CPU cooler.

    This is where you guys come in. I would like some help in picking out the rest of the parts. I don't just mean the main parts, to be completely honest I'm very, very new to this and don't know what I'm doing yet. I need to know everything down to the liquids, tubing, connectors, things to fill the system with. Thank you for your help, in advance.
  2. biff

    biff What's a Dremel?

    8 Jan 2004
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    I haven't hear boo about the pump you picked out but it seems pretty weak plus it only has 1/4" fittings. In the future you'll most likely want to run 1/2" I.D. tubing. I'd look into something a little more future proof like a Danner Supreme Mag Drive 3 or an Eheim 1250. The YS seems like a decent fan and you've said you dont care but the YS's have a reputaion for being quite noisy, maybe look at the panaflos. And dont forget a fan shroud.
  3. Firehed

    Firehed Why not? I own a domain to match.

    15 Feb 2004
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    I'd say get the Laing DDC pump and run 3/8" ID tubing. 1/4" tubing is no good for dangerden products as well as most american companies, not to mention they won't have barbs that fit. Don't get me wrong, it's great when used properly, but this wouldn't be one of those instances. I'd also go for a TDX if it fits the budget.

    I think that pump has G1/4 threaded fittings, not actual 1/4" things, I believe innovatek usually uses 10mm ID tubing (approx 3/8").

    A black ice xtreme is designed to not need a shroud... it sort of has one built in, so you don't need to worry about that.

    I'd say just add a reservoir or perhaps a DD fillport (imo probably a lot more convenient and elegant considering the selection of high-flow reservoirs), the tubing and some sort of additive. And of course pick up some distilled water from your local supermarket or whatever. If you wanted a NICE reservoir, you could get an Aquatube with 10mm barbs but that'll cost you a pretty penny and I doubt it would fit your budget. Additive could be about anything offered really since there probably wouldn't be both alum. and copper you wouldn't need to worry about corrosion resistance too much. You could give water wetter or zerex a try, never used either myself though.
  4. user0001

    user0001 What's a Dremel?

    8 Sep 2004
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    AquaExtreme 12v pump is what I'm probably going to pick up in a week or two. Unless someone can convince me of a better 12v, 1/2", not insanely Eheim expensive one.

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