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Notebooks Buying First Notebook

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by TeenGeek, 23 Apr 2014.

  1. TeenGeek

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    11 Feb 2011
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    Hey all, I am in the market for my first notebook (for myself). My budget is anything up to about $2500-$3000 USD. I am looking for something powerful, but not too thick, and not overly gaudy, if possible. I currently have my desktop in my sig, and there is no lighting in the PC. I don't really like flashy designs, I prefer quiet/understated. Anyway, I like to game a bit, but I really prefer to have the graphics set to the higher end of things. I would prefer that the storage is all solid-state, no mechanical drives. If they are easily changeable, I don't mind it coming with a mechanical as long as I can change it out soon, and easily. I want at least 16GB RAM, and a core i7 for sure. Dedicated graphics are a must. So far, I have been looking at the Aorus x7 notebook, and I am curious about the 14 inch razer blade. One of my friends has the blade pro, and I hate the track pad on the thing. I would also like back-lit keys, but that is not a necessity. Is the Aorus my best bet, or do you know of anything else that might suit me better? I have all of the peripherals that I might need, so none of those are a concern. An SD card reader would be awesome, but I have adapters that I could use for that (I'm thinking something off the computer storage for music, or something). The longest batter life possible would be nice, but i need to be able to get around 2-3 hours on the battery, unless you guys know of some kind of portable battery I could buy to charge on the go, like the external battery I have for my phone. I have absolutely no need for an optical drive, all of my things are digital format. Oh, also, 1080p screen or more, I can't handle 1600x900, etc. the lack of screen real estate bothers me. Any advice that anyone can offer would be stellar, thanks!

    I am graduating high school soon, and my mother does not want me to bring my Desktop with me to college (she is convinced that it will get stolen) so I need something that I can use without the outside power of a desktop.

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