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Networks "bypass" socks/proxy servers

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by LAGMonkey, 26 Sep 2004.

  1. LAGMonkey

    LAGMonkey Group 7 error

    4 Aug 2004
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    To start off this is not "bypassing" proxy servers as such, but the software does allow a software that can not connect through a socks enabled proxy server (such as MSN for video/audio etc).

    Direct Download of SocksCap can be found here :

    informat on SocksCap can be found here :

    The software enables a piece of software to automatically open UDP/TCP ports for a direct connection through a socks anabled proxy server. However if there is a non-UPnP firewall set-up on that machiene and the ports are blocked then my friends you are in whats known as a hole without a rope.

    How to use :
    DL SocksCap and do the settings bit (proxy information/auth etc.)
    click the "new" button and add a program that you want SocksCap to run. (youll be running that program from the SocksCap window from now on)
    Once thats done, click "run" and bobs your uncle.

    N.B. this is what i have found to work on my system with my university network. I cant guarentee that itll work (god i wish i could tho). give the software a go, its freeware and made by the people who developed the socks proxy software. hopefully in future programs will allow UDP traffic to pass through without problems (granted some actually do!)

    Hope it helps a few ppl,
    Have fun
  2. hk

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    4 Jul 2002
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    Yep or you can use HTTP Tunnel.

    A lot of places block this kinc of thing now too.

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