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Other Can't Connect to WiFi with one PC

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by knarF, 18 Oct 2016.

  1. knarF

    knarF Noob

    25 May 2011
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    My parent's main PC (Win 7) has decided it will no longer connect to their home WiFi network (BT home hub thing). It works fine on everything else (phones, TV, tablet...) but I couldn't crack the problem at all.

    It sees the network and will try to connect, but always fail, yet when I plug it in directly via an ethernet cable it works just fine.

    I've tried:
    - resetting router numerous times
    - restarting PC numerous times
    - disabling firewall and anti-virus (Norton)
    - disconnecting from the network completely and re-connecting (and re-typing the password)
    - running PC in safe mode with networking
    - performing a virus scan (it was clean)

    My knowledge of things like this isn't the greatest, so this was all I could think of. Are there any other things I could try or tell them to try?
    I have performed a Google search, and these are most of the things I understood suggested.

    Thanks, any help appreciated :lol:
  2. B1GBUD

    B1GBUD ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Accidentally Funny

    29 May 2008
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    Try configuring the connection manually.

    Right-click on the wireless network icon in the taskbar (bottom right on the desktop). Select Open Network and Sharing Center.

    You can also find your network connections in: Start -> Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center.

    In the window that appears, select Set up a new connection or network.
    Select Manually connect to a wireless network.
    Enter information for the wireless network you want to add:

    Network name: (Your SSID goes here, case sensitive)
    Security Type: WPA2-PSK, WPA-2 Personal (what ever you have it set to)

    Click Next.
    Click Change connection settings.
    Make sure Security type is “WPA-2 Personal” and Encryption type is either “AES or TKIP.”
  3. knarF

    knarF Noob

    25 May 2011
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    In the end there was a reset switch in the router that needed poking with a pin, then I just removed the network from the list completely and reconnected and that was all. Such an easy fix in the end, annoying I never thought of it earlier.

    Thanks for the help though.
  4. RichCreedy

    RichCreedy Hey What Who

    24 Apr 2009
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    next time, also try opening a cmd prompt.

    first try

    ipconfig flushdns

    try to connect if yes ok nothing else to do if no, then try

    netsh winsock reset

    restart pc

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