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Playstation 3 "Cars 2" not loading downloaded cars

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by I'm_Not_A_Monster, 25 Aug 2011.

  1. I'm_Not_A_Monster

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    22 Dec 2003
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    i'm at a family friends house trying to fix their ps3. the boys have "Cars 2" and are trying to download a particular car (the queen)

    even though it says in the selection screen in the garage (when you can choose any car in the garage) it says the queen is downloaded, the car is not available to use in races. when i try to download the car from the garage (by pressing triangle) it says "please wait" until it times out and says there is a network problem (even though i know there is not. wired connection to router and network test comes back with flying colors) and to try again later.

    when i went to the PS store and downloaded the queen add-on for the game from there it downloads and installs successfully, but when i immediately load the game (from the XMB with the disc already in the console) nothing has changed.

    the queen can't be played, even though the PS store, and even one screen in the garage say it downloaded. what gives?

    the only thing i can figure is that the PS store's servers are up, but maybe pixar has its own servers for the game and thats where all the cars are saved. if pixar's servers are down the PS store might download and install the games but the game can't load them. although that is pure speculation on my part.

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