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Modding Cas Mod: Industrial

Discussion in 'Modding' started by Ending Credits, 12 Jan 2008.

  1. Ending Credits

    Ending Credits Bunned

    4 Jan 2008
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    Judging by the name you can probably tell this is going to be a dark, grimy, dirty looking case and you'd be right. Of course the true definition of industry is any kind of work from farming to being CEO of Microsoft but we tend to asscosciate the word with large factories and high powered, big machines. To say this machine is big or high powered is deceptive at first since it's not a very large case, only barely 45 cm long and 5 cm shorter than that in height. Neither is it a particularly powerful PC being just a recase for my current PC. The name serves it's purpose though...


    Yes, that is a fan behind that grill. It's 15 cm across the blade and moves an astonishing 256 cfm of air on full power. Notice also that the case contains 6 x 80mm fans hopefully all moving at least 30 cfm each. Like a factory this is going to be loud. You may wonder how I'm going to cope with it; the military capped toggle switches on the front control the "Overdrive Function", flipping the last switch on turns the case into a blaze of light and noise kicking in the huge front exhaust, the power of the fan means an intake might damage some components. The other three switches control Power and Reset which will both be push buttons as opposed to toggle, the 3rd switch has yet to have it's use clearly defined although it's likely that it will be used to control the lighting.

    Due to the massive size of the fan and the very tight case space, 5 drive bays have had to have been sacrificed leaving the only open bay available for a single DVD burner. Although the HDD space is spacious with three 5 1/2" bays and a whopping seven, considering how extremely tight this case is, high cooled 3 1/2" bays.

    I was thinking of etching the logo into the window then lighting it with LEDs as well as putting it on the main fan grill. I might even attempt a two layer effect akin to this. I'm worried that with all those exposed fans things will break and get stuck in them as well as a lot of dust getting trapped in the case. There's also airflow issues since it's not a traditional layout (air ducts?)

    I'd like a paint-job that's quite grimy and dirty to go with the case name, my first idea was to have black and yellow warning stripes fading as they went up the case. If anyone has any tips on distressing the case please give them! I also need help with designing a logo as I can't design a good PC Logo for my life.

    I don't have any sponsors at the moment and I'm not on a large budget (perhaps £150), bear this in mind.

    Thanks for reading, any opinions are appreciated. (If you want I'll get more sketchup pics.)

    EDIT: Trust me to get the title wrong.
  2. Stuey

    Stuey You will be defenestrated!

    20 Jan 2005
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    To be honest, I think that you should brainstorm and find alternatives to the six 80mm fans.

    I would suggest a "flashing light" of the type that rotates and reflects light outwards. Maybe yellow? Or to simplify things, maybe you could just make it blink instead of rotate around. Also, how about some diamond plate? That shouldn't be too difficult to implement into some part of the case.

    I think the yellow scheme might work out.
  3. The_Beast

    The_Beast I like wood ಠ_ಠ

    21 Apr 2007
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    Diamond Plate is a great idea
  4. perkins teh modder

    perkins teh modder What's a Dremel?

    8 Dec 2007
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    i think you should do red instead of yellow, but hey thats jus me

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