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Other CD Burner Issues

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by jls25, 16 Jul 2009.

  1. jls25

    jls25 CatfishSoup

    16 Jul 2009
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    Hey so i am new to the forum, but dont get me wrong on the tech talk. not retarded. lol So basically recently my CD/DVD burner went all messed up. It has stopped burning audio CDs that work properly on CD players. When i burn a CD it works fine on PC but not on a stereo. For Video burning it works fine at the moment. Works on PC and DVD players.

    So now the main concern is, what can cause an issue like this? its odd how it would randomly stop making proper audio CD's to be used anywhere. I have tried iTunes, Windows Media Player 11, Magic ISO and still no dice. wasting CDs that only work on PC.

    any ideas?

    thanks in advance for any suggestions given. :D
  2. mm vr

    mm vr The cheesecake is a lie

    18 Nov 2007
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    What application are you using to burn the audio discs?
  3. azrael-

    azrael- I'm special...

    18 May 2008
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    I'd be more interested in knowing which CD/DVD writer we're talking about.

    Sooner or later every writer craps out. It may seem the time for your's has come.

    If you have any scanning software at hand (e.g. Nero CD DVD Speed), then try scanning your discs for higher than usual error rates. Usually the writer can read what it has written itself, when no other device any longer can.
  4. jls25

    jls25 CatfishSoup

    16 Jul 2009
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    i have used itunes, windows media player 11 and Magic ISO to burn an audio CD.

    as for which writer it is. Its a Sony writer. not to sure which model exactly, but all i see is that it is compact disc compatible and it is a DVD multi recorder and works with RW discs.


    got the nero program. ran a disc quality check using Nero diskspeed 4 and got these results

    General Information
    Drive: SONY DVD RW DRU-190A
    Firmware: 1.64
    Disc: Data CD (Plasmon)
    Selected speed: Maximum
    C1 errors
    Maximum: 7
    Average: 0.16
    Total: 49
    C2 errors
    Maximum: 0
    Average: 0.00
    Total: 0
    Jitter: n/a
    Scanning Statistics
    Elapsed time: 0:31
    Number of samples: 304
    Average scanning interval: 1.00 sec
    Glitches removed: 0

    i noticed a total of 40 C1 errors.. though i am not sure what that is.

    i also ran a scan test and it got 100 percent good.
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