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Peripherals Charging dock for Logitech g703?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by silk186, 28 Jun 2021.

  1. silk186

    silk186 Derp

    1 Dec 2014
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    I did a bit of searching but I'm only finding the Logitech G POWERPLAY which is a bit small for my taste. I'm wondering if anyone has found a small charging dock that works with the mouse so I can keep using a large mouse pad without having to worry about the battery dying.
  2. thewelshbrummie

    thewelshbrummie Minimodder

    29 Aug 2009
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    This clearly Chinese option might be interesting:



    Different brand names despite the links and product listings being identical bar .co.uk for the 1st, .com for the 2nd. Out of stock (and possibly discontinued) in the UK, $29.99 and available from Amazon USA. It's very different rules importing from USA>UK but I imported a Logitech keyboard from UK>US without any problems. Running through a dummy order on my Amazon account, the dock jumps to $44.61 including $7.18 shipping and an estimated $7.44 VAT to pay. Which I'm sure is frustrating when I tell you that I can order it to my US address without sales tax being charged.

    Can't answer for whether it's worth it or not as I'm happy with the Powerplay mousepad (especially as it comes with the G440 mousepad I was going to buy anyway. That and not ever having to charge the mouse is worth the expensive wireless freedom that $120+tax got me. However, this YouTube review of the product might help:

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