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Networks Cisco VPN + WM6 Internet Sharing?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Hamish, 1 Nov 2007.

  1. Hamish

    Hamish What's a Dremel?

    25 Nov 2002
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    Anyone get these two to play nice together?

    Cisco PIX 501e at the office
    WM6 3g phone
    vista/xp laptop (working properly on either would be great right now :p)

    VPN setup on the pix is, i believe, fine. I could be wrong tho, i set it up by trial and error + reading the manual having never even touched a cisco device before :p
    It works tho and has worked flawlessly for months now with Cisco VPN Client on XP or Vista machines
    Old phone was WM5 and used the clunky and annoying modem emulator to enable a laptop to use it to connect to intarwebs in the middle of nowhere, this was great and after faffing about getting it setup worked fine (required you to be logged in as administrator on vista tho :\ and not just a user account with admin privileges, actually administrator :p annoying)

    New phone is WM6 and uses internet sharing to connect with a laptop, this is a much better solution with no faffing about in vista and XP
    Problem: Cisco VPN client connects to the pix through Internet Sharing on the phone just fine, however no traffic gets through.
    Cannot ping, web browse, dns, rdc or anything to the network at work. Tried with Cisco VPN client v4.6.00.0049 and v5.0.01.0600 on XP and v5.0.00.0340 on Vista, none work
    This sucks :(

    Now, i know its not a problem with the laptop or the vpn software on the laptop as these work fine when connected over ethernet or wifi
    Its not a problem with the phone's 3g connection, i installed a trial of bluefire vpn client onto it and that connects to the vpn and works just fine when the phone is in standalone mode
    However for the life of me i cannot get the two bloody things to work together :(

    Hoping theres some wm6 and/or cisco gawds perusing the forums :D
    Plz halp :(
  2. CaseyBlackburn

    CaseyBlackburn Network Techie

    27 Jul 2004
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    I have issues using standard PPTP Windows VPN on both ends of the connection. This is when using the Internet Sharing application on my AT&T 8525. So I believe it might just be an issue with the routing the Internet Sharing application does.

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