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Windows Civ VI: Rise and Fall

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Guest-16, 11 Feb 2018.

  1. Guest-16

    Guest-16 Guest

    Anyone else bought / played it yet?

    I've just completed one 10hr playthrough as South Korea aaand it's certainly different. Less grindy, and even late-stage game is interesting, but if you're not deeply understanding the original game it's another layer of complication to think about. Definitely more for seasoned players imo.
    One thing that pisses me off is if you don't finish a wonder by the end of the era it deletes it, but, if you change production just as the era ends you can restart it from the point you left off in the next era!
  2. DeckerdBR

    DeckerdBR Active Member

    9 Mar 2011
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    Yeah, I picked it up! I like it, agree it sorts out the mid game lul and makes the latter stages more interesting.
    I am at about turn 280 with Mongolia, those horse archers make the medieval era a blast but generally I prefer factions that get game long bonuses.

    I had not noticed that issue with wonders, I hope it's a bug rather than a 'feature'.

    The single leaders dlc's are poor value compared to this expansion.

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