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Overclocking clocking x4 810

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Carlk, 23 Aug 2009.

  1. Carlk

    Carlk What's a Dremel?

    10 May 2004
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    Hi all!

    It's been a very long time since i've been on bit-tech!

    I recently broght some new hardwear and built myself a new pc.

    I've got a AMD pehnom x4 810 clocked at 3.1ghz, MSI 770-C45, 8GB Corsair 1600 dhx dominaor, XFX 1024 4870.

    my problem is when I try and clock this baby anymore then 3.1ghz and run hot cpu I get a Quick Sort Error?

    I don't suppose anyone has any idea why? heres a link to voltages ht link etc etc... http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=670210

    Thanks :D

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