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Planning Colour scheme help

Discussion in 'Modding' started by Matticus, 26 Jun 2009.

  1. Matticus

    Matticus ...

    23 Feb 2008
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    My case at the minute is black and green.

    I need an accenting colour, I will use this colour for coils on my tubing and for sleeving fan cables and sata/IDE cables.

    Any suggestions?

    I have thought of going "tic tac" and doing it orange. I have found some UV orange sleeving on fleabay, but I don't want it to look mental.


    That is swaying me towards blue sleeving/coils.

    I convinced myself to get blue, there really is no point in me asking for advice.
    Last edited: 26 Jun 2009
  2. tatty

    tatty Tatty round the edges

    24 Jun 2009
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    My initial reaction was orange, cool but not sure about with the green, but that link looks good, so yes, I'd lean towards the blue too.
    (I'm more arty than geeky these days).
    From Tatty a Newbie

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