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Windows COM Surrogate using all my RAM

Discussion in 'Software' started by Wicked_Sludge, 14 Jun 2012.

  1. Wicked_Sludge

    Wicked_Sludge My eyes! The goggles do nothing!

    15 Aug 2010
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    This seems to have just started today. i am trying to run a scan on one of my hard drives using windows check disk. i had it running in the background while browsing the net and after a few minutes i got a low memory warning from windows. i closed it and it popped back up a minute later. so i opened task manager and a process called "COM Surrogate" was using 6.5GB of my RAM. so i canceled my disk check and the process went away. start the scan again and COM Surrogate pops right back up and starts gobbling up RAM, taking just a minute or two to get to 6-7gigs (where i assume windows cuts it off).

    what the heck is COM Surrogate and why is it acting up? google-fu tells me it may be part of superfetch and is generally used for loading thumbnails? that cant be right?

    EDIT: also, its looking like if i perform the scan without "Automatically fix file system errors" checked, COM Surrogate only uses 150mb of RAM.

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