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Modding cool idea? maybe..

Discussion in 'Modding' started by Luda, 7 Jun 2003.

  1. Luda

    Luda What's a Dremel?

    8 Dec 2002
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    the other day i was messing around in my case with my blue cathode and i saw that it was simillar to the effect of a blaklight when it comes to highlighter and black lights.. i was thinkin it would be a cool idea for someone to use water with drops of highlighter in it in their water cooling.. then a UV or blue cathode would give the water a cool effect.. i dunno if anyone has done this or if the highlighter wud mess up the water coolin system but seems like a cool idea to me.. feedback?:confused:
  2. BioSniper

    BioSniper Minimodder

    5 Feb 2002
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    I currently use UV reactive water dye which is pink/red normally and orange under UV light. I would assume the stuff is VERY similar to that used in highliters but I would rather not risk it with something un-tested (though I'm pretty sure it would be ok)
    I'd rather just use a UV cathode personally as the effect is much better but everyone has their own way.

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