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Peripherals Creative omega/tactic 3d Bundle?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Lankius Maximus, 2 Dec 2011.

  1. Lankius Maximus

    Lankius Maximus Minimodder

    21 Aug 2009
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    iI have managed to get hold of the Creative Omega3D sound card and tactics 3D headphones bundled together for £150 (basically Ive managed to get the external Omega soundcard for free). Ive wanted a good set of wireless headphones for my PS3 for years and the fact I can use them on my PC seems a double win.


    However the package wont ship until next week and its my first reasonable set of headphones (I needed the external soundcard for my FT03 anyway).

    Have I made a mistake in paying so much for these phones or are they worth the money? 150 notes is still a lot at the moment.

    I'll take any advice from the audiophiles on this site as I still have time to cancel. Its just the bundle plus a 25% discount was too good to miss at the time (the headphones are normally £180 on their own). Should I stick with it or look at an alternative by someone like Logitech or Turtle Beach?

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