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Windows Crysis

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by eng.ahmedhelal, 25 Oct 2008.

  1. eng.ahmedhelal

    eng.ahmedhelal New Member

    24 Oct 2008
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    hay !
    i am new here and i hoppe not to be heavy on you hearts.
    i have problem with (crysis1&2) i have some kind of slow motion by frabs nearly 40 frame to 7 or 6 frame (cutting play) that is at high & veryhigh no problem at medium

    my pc spec
    9850 phenom be
    770x gigabyte rev1
    2 giga ram 800 mhz
    9800gt xfx 512 memory
    hd 160giga sata
    vista sp1
    latest drivers
    someone says that is because crysis use rams and it's speed is less than vga memory?!
    do i need ram 1066 mhz
    please help in this one.
  2. Whalemeister

    Whalemeister is so hot right now!

    27 Nov 2007
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    Try running Crysis with your control pannel open on the performance tab and when it starts slowing down Alt + Tab back to your desktop to see what is causing the bottleneck, you'll be able to see if the RAM or CPU is maxxed out.

    Might not fix the problem but at least you'll know what's causing it...

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