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Networks Current Cheap Router Recommendations

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by wolfticket, 15 Mar 2016.

  1. wolfticket

    wolfticket Downwind from the bloodhounds

    19 Apr 2008
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    The old Sagemcom supplied by Sky really isn't up to the job anymore, so (inline with Sky's "use our router" T&C) I'm looking for a cheap cable router to connect to the Sky one so I can use the Sky one essentially just as a modem.

    Points of consideration:
    • Gigabit ethernet would be very useful
    • Possibly AC, as the main computer upstairs is AC capable and a solid fast (maybe Steam streaming capable) connection would be nice.
    • Cheaper the better (looking at £70 or under)
    • Buying from Amazon would be a plus
    Just wondering anyone had any recommendations, or if getting something reasonable and to those requirements was even possible in that price range.
    Thank you.

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