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Windows Dedicaated Game Server

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by PHILIP1193, 4 Aug 2007.

  1. PHILIP1193

    PHILIP1193 a Self Confessed HP Server Lover!!

    8 Dec 2004
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    Im wanting to make a dedicated games server for CS:S, COD:2 UT2003 etc

    Any suggestions on specs? I got a Duron 1300Mhz, 512MB of ram and 40GB HDD would this suffice for CS:S and UT2003 etc?

    Its to be used at my house and NOT for the outside world and for no more than 10 people .

    Also is there any guides for making dedicated Server for games for the games iv mentioned?

    Also is windows XP or 2000 better for dedicated servers?

  2. Ramble

    Ramble Ginger Nut

    5 Dec 2005
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    Yea should be fine. When I was running a server it had ET running on it continously with FaH/webserver/proxy server software all at the same time with similar hardware specs.
    Poor thing.
    I'd say 2000 is better for a server but if you can run it on linux.

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