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Dell Axim questions

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Cool Hand, 10 Apr 2003.

  1. Cool Hand

    Cool Hand King of the park

    21 Nov 2001
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    Dell Canada made a pricing error on their site and had axims for less than a 100 cdn (reg price is $549 cdn) ....i ordered one knowing there was no chance of getting it that cheap, but hopeing that they would offer some kind of discount after the fact to try keep some of the orders, well they did and are offering $150 cdn off the 400mhz model to those who ordered one during the error, and i have till monday to take the offer....

    who has one, how do they find it....if i get it, ill be using it as a moble media player...mp3 quality as good as a dedicated mp3 player?....is it good at playing properly formatted divx's? i read a post that said battery life while watching a divx movie is only 2 hours or so....

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