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News Dell prepares for antitrust settlement

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by CardJoe, 15 Jun 2010.

  1. RichCreedy

    RichCreedy Hey What Who

    24 Apr 2009
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    i thought that intels offer made sound business sense, offer a rebate for increased sales, but the offer has to have some rules, nothing wrong with that.

    dell didn't have to take the offer, but they would have had to pay the standard price.
  2. eddtox

    eddtox Homo Interneticus

    7 Jan 2006
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    Do we know exactly what the offers were? It would be very easy for intel. as the industry's biggest player to put unfair pressure on dell.

    OTOH, I doubt it was just a rebate as that wouldn't stop dell from stocking amd's offerings. It sounds more like an exclusivity deal.
  3. Abdul Hadi

    Abdul Hadi Technically, I wanna be tim!

    6 Aug 2009
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    AMD might not be the best right now but that is also the main reason because Intel kept giving money and making more of it.

    Paying for the R&D of new projects.
    Prohibiting the other vendors from using their products. etc.

    and what not.

    That may be business but in my opinion not fair. AMD had been a rival and I mean, a good one. Still in effort to take the competition to avoid monopoly. I've been an Intel fan and still am but fair practices should be promoted and the unfair should be declined. So if DELL is among the one promoting it, then so be it.
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