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Modding Design -- Help with design for my new case

Discussion in 'Modding' started by rowin4kicks, 18 Aug 2007.

  1. rowin4kicks

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    5 Feb 2006
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    Hey guys, i have been a little busy as of late, but now in the summer i have had a chance to relax and start planning a project to entertain me throught the winter.

    The main influence of this mod was from a CAD router at my school that can only usefully cut out a 12cm x 12cm square. So i thought that there must be a way that i can incoporate the use of a machine into a case mod. So that is waht i started with in sketchup, a 12cm x 12cm plate of plastic.
    After playing around for a while and looking for abit of influence on the web i came up with this design,




    i know it is a slight rip of that other computer that is X-shaped but i really liked the design of it.

    The case is made out of nearly all 12cm x 12cm panels with only the grills being alluminum and the internals which will be welded together out of Iron bar.

    I wanna know your thoughts on the cases design and what problems i might forsee if i make the case, at the moment it is purely designed as a "because i can" project for my uni Portfolio...

    thanks for any comments made..

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