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Windows Display issue

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Rob3003, 8 Dec 2015.

  1. Rob3003

    Rob3003 New Member

    8 Sep 2014
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    Hi Guys,

    I am in need of assistance from yourselves. I have a game that I have not played in a while Command & Conquer First Decade (Yes I know it's an old game). I've installed the game on my Laptop and when I try to launch Yuri's Revenge it pops up with a dialogue box saying "Please insert the CD". The game is a genuine copy and I don't understand why it's doing his. Any ideas?

    Also if I try and open Red Alert 2 or any of the other Command & Conquer games it launches into the game but the background just turns black with just the mouse cursor that I can see and move.

    I've tested other games on the Laptop (Footy Manager, Age of Empires etc) and it launches the other games without any issues.

    Also the last time I played C&C on the Laptop it worked perfectly. Also the operating system I am using is Windows 7.

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance...
  2. notmeagain

    notmeagain Member

    29 Jan 2009
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    Not advocating piracy in any way, but some of my older games DRM systems are bugged - anyone remember Starforce DRM? - so I use the NO-CD patches found on sites like Megagames to work around the older issues.

    Support for these older games has essentially vanished, so for me it was a fix it yerself approach.

    As to why it's only exhibiting this behaviour recently, I've got no idea.

    And it's not a Display Issue ;)

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