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Motherboards Dissapointed with mITX boards?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by silk186, 7 May 2018.

  1. 13eightyfour

    13eightyfour Formerly Titanium Angel

    9 Sep 2003
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    Just because something isn't technically a premium feature doesn't mean that having more of them wouldn't cost more though. Another example would be a car with 7 seats over 5, the seats aren't a premium item but having 7 over 5 is, hence the additional costs. If you need 7 seats (which the majority of people don't) you'll pay the additional costs to have them.

    I would guess for most users of the mITX platform 4 USB ports is enough, which pushes anything above 4 into the 'luxury' feature set.
  2. Parge

    Parge the worst Super Moderator

    16 Jul 2010
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    I have 7!
  3. Anfield

    Anfield Well-Known Member

    15 Jan 2010
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    Even If we just accept that it then just leads to the next problem, which is that mainboard manufacturers are horrible at offering a decent selection of ITX / mATX boards while they keep carpet bombing the market with ATX boards that are pointless due to the massive PCI-e lane restrictions present with all mainstream CPUs.
  4. Gareth Halfacree

    Gareth Halfacree WIIGII! Staff Administrator Super Moderator Moderator

    4 Dec 2007
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    To wade in on the hub debate, I use a powered USB 3.0 hub because it actually makes my build neater. Rather than having a shedload of cables running from my keyboard, trackball, scanner, card reader, graphics tablet and so forth to my desktop - cables which will never reach anyway, because my desktop's on the floor and I have a convertible sit/stand desk - I have a shedload of cables running to the hub on the top of my desk, neatly hidden away behind the monitor, and one cable running to the desktop (plus another to a power socket, admittedly.)
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  5. silk186

    silk186 Derp

    1 Dec 2014
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    I was thinking about this a bit more as the hub can be hidden. Still, I would prefer that it is my choice. Especially as I've found in the past the hubs and extension wires have cause issue of devices disconnecting.

    I was thinking on this a bit more, and a usb 3.1 or similar hub should be able to ditch the power cable.
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