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Cooling Do I need corrosion blocker?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Rofl_Waffle, 25 Mar 2010.

  1. Rofl_Waffle

    Rofl_Waffle What's a Dremel?

    24 Mar 2010
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    I got a bottle of feser aqua double distilled water. So I need corrosion blocker?

    As I understand galvanic corrosion, none should occur since I am using only copper/nickel plated copper blocks, am I right?

    What about erosion? Does corrosion blocker help in this case? Is erosion even significant?

    I am changing the fluid of my liquid cooling system again. Instead of buying pre-mixed fluid this time I want something without coloring. Because last time I was changing fluid I dripped some on my motherboard and now some plastic parts are forever stained orange. The cleanup wasn't pleasant. I imagine cleaning up distilled water is as easy as letting it dry.

    Unfortunately I live in Canada and for some odd reason I can't find clear corrosion blocker that doesn't have coloring. I don't want to order international because that is going to be $20 shipping on a $5 bottle.
  2. bigkingfun

    bigkingfun Tinkering addict

    27 Jul 2008
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    I would think all water cooling equipment have some form of surface treatment inside, to prevent corrosion.
    It will corrode, it always will but the speed of the corrosion on surface treated materials is very slow.

    Erosion is irrelevant in a water-cooled PC.

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