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Graphics Dual Adapter problem.....

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by NuTech, 7 Apr 2002.

  1. NuTech

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    18 Mar 2002
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    Ok peeps, need some help. After a year of procrastination i have finally plugged in a old ATI RAGE 8mb pci into my computer along with my Geforce2GTS to enable multiple monitors (have a spare 15''), and everthing is working fine, until i noticed this problem...

    When i lanch 3d games they all seem to think that the primary monitor is the ATI and because its only 8mb they crash.
    I've checked display properties and have made sure that the GeforeAGP is the primary card and have checked the mobo bios to make sure AGP is selected as primary but still no luck, all games insist on running on the secondary card.

    I've read the readme's and FAQ's for the games in question and some (such as Startopia) recommend that you add '/v0' to the games shortcut to disable all secondary monitors, and guess what? It doesn't do a single thing, it still insists on running on the ATI intill it crashes and falls to its knee's.

    The ONLY way i can get 3d games to run properly on the Geforce is too uncheck 'expand desktop to this monitor' in the display properties but then all icons and settings i had on the second monitor get messed up and put back on the primary monitor which is a bitch to change back.

    Anyway, sorry for the essay, but i need to get this problem sorted before i go mad... :(
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