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Motherboards Dual/Quad Socket Systems

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by confusis, 19 Aug 2010.

  1. confusis

    confusis Kiwi-modder

    5 Jan 2006
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    Ok, I've kinda hit a wall with o² so just wondering who else out there has played with/runs dual/quad socket systems! Post your specs and of course, TTIWWOP :D

    2x AMD Opteron 275 2.2ghz Dual Core
    4x 512mb Micron HP DDR400 ECC Reg
    1x 320gb 2.5" Toshiba HDD
    Gigabyte nVidia GT240
    1u T-Win 400w PSU
    Soundblaster Live! 24bit

    No optical drive XD
    Ignore the soundcard in the following pics, it has been replaced with the SB L!
    Next to a standard size m-atx case:

    I also have 2x Tyan Tiger i7525 (S2672) Boards with Dual Xeon 603 2.4ghz, with HT. They just need memory (hard to find cheap DDR ECC REG) and I will run them as L4D2 Game servers and render pigs. Also there is a Gigabyte 8IPDXR board sitting here with no CPU/RAM which will be finding a home soon in another server :D

    So, what do you have?

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