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A/V DVI Switch

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by hoochy, 1 Sep 2014.

  1. hoochy

    hoochy Need moar cooling

    16 May 2012
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    I am planning on running my forthcoming PS4 through my monitor using a DVI to HDMI cable (like I did my PS3). This time however, I would like to do away with the hassle of keep swapping out the DVI cable to the monitor when I want access to the PC when the PS4 is on.

    So, I fancy a DVI switch. There seems to be a variety of options with these things (and also prices). Is there any major difference between any 2 switches? I really do not want any loss of quality using the switch. Likewise, I don't want it to cost the earth as I would prefer to just swap the cables if that's the case.

    Does something like this seem OK?


    Thoughts please...:thumb: cheers

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