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News El Custom Shop Flatlite @ SubZeroTech

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Cheese, 12 Apr 2002.

  1. Cheese

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    6 Oct 2001
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    'There have been many different new mod products in the ethusiast world lately with many different uses. For a long time cold cathodes were used to light case then light strips came about. Light strips were used to decorate the way you light your case's inside or outside unlike a cathode where it is primarily used to light the interior of a case. Then comes the El Flat Lite which is similiar to the already popular light strips but has several advatangese over them. I had just received the EL Flatlite kit from EL Custom Shop, and right out of the package, it already had impressed me.

    <a href="http://www.subzerotech.com/reviews/misc/elflatlite/">::here::</a>
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