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Eventual Realities

Discussion in 'Serious' started by Gooey_GUI, 12 Feb 2017.

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  1. Gooey_GUI

    Gooey_GUI Wanted: Red Shirts

    3 Dec 2002
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    Real matters and uncertain matters,

    Things are looking better with knowing that I can trust others! Also, it is amazing that a temporary fill-in, young health professional may not always include everything that a long time health professional would.

    When I sought clarification it was never the actual intention to not provide all that is needed. My lack of obvious symptoms didn't demand any unusual attention because the temporary health professional was not aware that I had not had my teeth cleaned professionally for such an over long period of time.

    When the normal dentist was contacted, she provided me with the prescription for antibiotics.

    Also, my doctor skipped examining my heart because he assumed that I understood that my loss of over 30 pounds and much exercise changed my normal lack of good cholesterol had been reversed to a great extent. My good cholesterol was the highest it has ever been for many decades. I no longer needed my normal prescription of anti-cholesterol medication either.

    It is very much like critical information not being available between the doctor patient relationship or the implied understandings of variation from the norm.

    Also, I have many that care about me that are dedicated to provide full support as health matters keep improving. It has been very recent since I have ever had improvements in my normal physical health. I am not accustomed to what happens when there are efforts at changing diet and exercise. This is not a normal health process for me.

    Also, it was more of a matter of developed discussion with a previously called health care company that when told of my concerns asked me if I had any other unexpired medications on hand. When I could only name Antronex, he quickly looked it up and instantly told me that it could help until I contacted the dentist again.

    Previously, all other, normal medical health professionals in the normal medical field have no awareness of Antronex because it is not available by prescription at pharmacies. My chiropractor only has it on hand sometimes, and orders it with a delay of a few days otherwise.

    On other matters, my financial guardian has been discovered to have enormous difficulty with complications dealing with fully automated transaction processing that computers were doing faster than the humans trying to help with them could actually help.

    Also, there seem to be some matters that have come into being for a great many people around my age that seems to be created when in 2010 there were reforms in banking practices which were supposed to protect all people in general, but act to create difficulties with guardians when trying to do their regular duties for people near or in retirement.

    Also, because he was supposed to protect my wealth, he is the one who protected my coins now and has offered to give me some help if I wish them to be exchanged for normal cash. I just did not enjoy that he stored my coins without asking me or telling me that they were secure. It was done while being absent for many days and unable to guard them myself.

    It would really be better if professionals and those they serve had better over all communication, but what I say I was listening to in the media was never given to me as official knowledge. It was a matter of public discussion which is always vital for greater understanding if discussed earnestly regarding real or unknown matters.

    Also, I had previously viewed recent estimations of what happens to troubling journalists in Russia over the last 17 years on a coherent publically available normal TV station. It was very disturbing to feel like things like this were or had actually happened anywhere.

    To feel like something might be said that would have others have ill feelings is not ever what I want or intend is not my motivation.

    My concerns aren't from anybody in the normal protection of others, but more to do with those who don't like to have their self concerns of resource consumption to be disturbed.

    Many do not trust those normal protectors that are sworn to and truly try to protect others. There are a great many of these special people who are able to do the right thing and always seek to do so. It can never be just assumed that an isolated incident should bring distrust over an intended to be entirely dedicated organization. They serve their entire lives throughout their generation and normally try to do what they can to always do the right thing. But, people should never assume that the police always are able to know everything the very moment they arrive. This is most true during moments of sudden complexities.

    However, children and parents should never have anything whatsoever to do with any of anything that is a TOY GUN if they truly want to protect their children. Police officers do not have the time of estimation to see all possibilities when they find somebody with even a toy gun. Real guns can be appear to be toy guns very easily and when their very lives can be threatened so much of the time, there is no time for close inspection or evaluation when mere seconds are often only available.

    This was discussed with a real person who knows about such matters, and I include it now because he thought this was one of the biggest mistakes that currently happen. It is when there are accidents that cause a loss of life that no officer would ever do willingly that they suffer the most. Of course, the victim and their family will also suffer tremendously.

    Person = retired civilian who had served years in the military that had some periods serving within the military police. Also, I consider him to be a friend because he has redeeming human qualities. I just wish we had more time to catch up on an opportunity to talk sometime again. He likes the fishing for stringers of fish while I don't do that. I am a poor fisherman because I don't like to kill living creatures. Yes, even fish!

    Recently, within the last week, I discovered an ancient US law which I had totally been unaware of which was passed in 1799. Although nobody has ever been convicted of breaking this law, it is still true that it isn't legal when anyone tries to undermine on purpose a sitting US president. I don't think anybody likes to be undermined anyway! If something is troubling, then it takes patience and consideration for an understanding to be reached.

    People should appreciated that the current president needs considerable time to have the full capabilities which have never been had by somebody who has no previous military or political experience. These characteristics were a main reason why people wanted to elect him. Unfortunately, as with all complex matters, most true when starting at the beginning, there is a significant period of adjustment and due process which must occur before eventualities are indeed determined.

    Please lose the anger. Try to have peaceful input. It is hard to remain calm during times of difficulty, but many things are still possible. If you can help by being peaceful and dedicated to helping others, then I hope that you are successful.
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  2. Gooey_GUI

    Gooey_GUI Wanted: Red Shirts

    3 Dec 2002
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    It is only because of major precautions concerning my own sensitive personal data which I had to take a very long time to understand about what exactly was , has, is, or would be happening to it.

    However, there have been now provided to me through all of these efforts a much more clear path of protection then I have ever been able to understand previously.

    Also, because of my concerns impacting too many people in very quiet places like Lemon64, I had large concerns of personally offending other dedicated members of Bit-tech - at least as far as this population of known members that are exactly here at this profound website.

    Unfortunately, for far too long I was totally unaware of the misuse of my own personal data, even occurring only within my small geographic location.

    When evil people abuse people's personal data they can cause great harm to the actual person. It is very certain that this has, happened to me.

    As a result, there are complicated factors of an unwholesome nature that have impacted me directly. I cannot explain any further other than I must spend an inordinate time period trying to resolve these issues.

    Please forgive me if my time to help others has now been shortened. However, when I will finally cause these positive adjustments to my own identity, a greater amount of good things can happen even further.

    <input> Helpful on a large scale to many people addicted to smoking or acquiring nicotine in order to maintain function.

    First, (check with a doctor) it is a good estimate that the nicotine which is needed to calm the nerves can be gradually eliminated from the human body with a simple stage process of nicotine patches.

    Second, (check with a nutritionist) to replace the clarity of thought processing which had been supplied artificially with smoking or using nicotine, it is a good estimate to do the following as a general approach which really must be evaluated by a professional in the health field with proper license and credentials.

    For myself, I have no known real allergies, however there are too many others who do have food sensitivities or may have unknown food sensitivities that can become highly problematic. Some of these food problems can be very life impacting in a highly negative way.

    However, I did consult a health professional who is highly qualified who told me the nicotine patch process was a good method, but they also offered that the body needed the following =====> (me!)

    The health professional said that both the body and brain needed to have a healthy adjustment together in order to help the total person to escape from nicotine addiction.

    I was recommended to rely upon wholesome nuts, like peanuts, cashews, almonds, walnuts, brazil nuts, pecans, and cocoanut. At the same time these ingredients could be combined with certain dried fruits like dried grapes or cranberries.

    For vegetables, even when I hardly like to take the time to prep or cook them, a simple mixture of healthy green salad or even something like spinach could have a dressing of olive oil and vinegar.

    For additional protein, it could be further modified with the addition of sardines packed in olive oil by chopping the sardines into small pieces and adding them to the salad. Grilled chicken could be substituted.

    Also, the health professional recommended that I avoid the following sea food. These would be bottom dwelling creatures who ingest large quantities of toxic metals as they live at the bottom where these metals reside.

    The health professional also cautioned to say away from tuna as much as possible because they are a top level species which accumulates too large amounts of mercury over time while predating upon subspecies. There are also health warnings of this nature regarding swordfish. Only small amounts of tuna should be ingested in a very spread out fashion at all.

    If bread is wanted, then whole grains are also preferred. These should be as fresh as possible without a great many food preservatives which are designed to artificially preserve freshness.

    Finally, I was advised to include a wholesome regime of appropriate exercise. As always, before engaging in exercise - most certainly when unaccustomed to doing it beforehand, there should be a precautionary visit to a doctor for a thorough examination to establish what current real values of susceptibilities that any individual might have,

    Given a coherent and dedicated process with the full help and support of knowledgeable, professional health field providers, it is entirely possible to escape from such personal destruction. Also, over more and more increasing time, not only comes a return to optimum health, but personal qualities which include not offending others within the public with what really is a very unclean habit.

    There are direct studies about which children are likely to be the most probable to take up the habit itself. The highest proportion is often established within the small nuclear family. If one parent smokes then there are very likely chances for their offspring to acquire the habit for a lifetime which then passes from generation to generation.

    When there are both parents who smoke, the addiction outcome is almost certain, thereby further insuring a propagation of ill effects throughout entire family branches occurring in many future generations.

    There are many great rewards in stopping the nicotine addiction cycle, however the most immediate is that there is a high positive impact regarding finances on a personal, family, lifetime level. Many smokers die in poverty.

    The financial impetus extends deeply into reducing great amounts of healthcare costs and health insurance premiums if the requirements are in place to help stop smoking.

    The absolute main benefit that is provided on a personal level is a very significant increase of life expectancy and a high quotient of improved health.

    Remember to consult your doctor, but even long vigorous walks of 20 minutes 2 - 3 times a week can prove quite significant. Propulsion exercise with machines like bicycles are enjoyable, but they have very little to do with the whole body mass.

    I pray that everybody has a full opportunity to stop nicotine use, but it must be a dedicated effort to be successful. Exercise really helps to reduce a great amount of stress.

    Humans who become so dedicated to using modern technology, everywhere, are forgetting that they are not a machine. For millions of years, humans have always been a biological specimen.

    Walk as often as possible whenever you can if you are so able!

    Now, I turn to my own complicated life existence for an inordinate period of time.

    I would like to personally thank all of Bit-tech who have been so gracious as to allow the time for these matters to exist.

    However, I will only use time variable of exact time in accordance with GMT

    Greenwich Mean Time

    which allows all others to associate their own time variables accordingly.

    After all, I exist at many times and many places as I try to understand what I may with careful, thoughtful efforts as time allows me to do so. Also, as matters allow me to do so. Most of all as my inspiration allows me to do so.

    Often, I must start at the beginning and workout matters until the end if I have the capabilities and kind assistance of others who are many in the world who truly care about many others on a loving basis.
  3. Gareth Halfacree

    Gareth Halfacree WIIGII! Staff Administrator Super Moderator Moderator

    4 Dec 2007
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    Closing thread; this is a duplicate of one you started on Lemon64 three days ago, and is no more suited to posting here than it was there. Please find a mental health professional with whom you can discuss your issues, and refrain from creating any more threads like these. You've been given a lot of leeway, but the time has come to say enough is enough.
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