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Modding Exos 2 + copper rad

Discussion in 'Modding' started by morbias, 31 Jan 2008.

  1. morbias

    morbias New Member

    31 Jan 2008
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    I've been a long time lurker here, just signed up so I figured I'd better post something which might be of use to someone :)

    This is a simple little mod for anybody looking to use an Exos 2 in a loop with copper blocks. I originally put this together as I needed watercooling on my gpu but had no room left in the case, and I didn't want to add it to the cpu loop.

    To start off with everything needed to be disassembled, you can see the original aluminium rad in this (rather poor quality) pic:
    Marvel at the slime-green carpet! Note the original rad has a barb which protrudes through the back of the unit allowing you to hook up your tubing. This needs to be replaced, I elected to use a Koolance male panel barb for this purpose as it gives you a quick-connect on the outside of the housing, and a barb for connecting the new rad on the inside.

    There's really not much room to work with here as the original rad was so thin. Clearance under the barbs of the pump/res unit is minimal:

    The answer; a Stealth GT 240 rad, afaik the only radiator you have a hope of fitting in here. The elbow connectors are Koolance 3/8":

    Some Akasa Paxmate foam was used to ensure a good seal around the edge of the rad so air pressure is optimal. The radiator was then clamped to the housing using long bolts and brass heatsinks from a scrapped industrial server rack, obviously you could use anything here but these were just lying around so they were put to good use:

    From the other side (the bolt tops are usually hidden, the side skirting has been removed in this pic):

    The finished interior:

    I had to reverse the backplate to make it easier to connect the rad:

    The system is currently cooling an 8800gtx with an EK block, the card oc is 650/1566/1950, the Exos 2 fans are on setting 5 (out of 10), idle temps are 43C-45C depending on room temperature, load temps are 49C-51C. Overall this is an effective option to consider if you've run out of room in your case and need another cooling loop, or you already have an Exos 2 and want to use it with copper blocks. You can pick up an Exos 2 on ebay for around £100 if you fancy giving it a go.

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