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Modding Finding cheap cases to practise on

Discussion in 'Modding' started by beesbees, 24 Nov 2007.

  1. beesbees

    beesbees What's a Dremel?

    29 Apr 2007
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    Hi there :)

    Recently I have had several ideas floating around for modifications but rarely do I actually see any of them trhough due to the expense of it all. However, I do have some salvaged parts from my old system circa 2001 which intend to turn into a quasi testing stuff out/quiet downloading/file server. I've no real need for it, but it would be cool to do and I've always wanted to get the :dremel: out. So due to my lack of knowledge on building a case from scratch; instead I've been trying to find an old tower on the cheap, but really not sure on which to go for. If you guys have any good recommendations on easily modable cases that can be found on ebay or similar cheaply second hand then I will be grateful. :)

  2. GunnerRecall

    GunnerRecall The cake is a lie.

    24 Nov 2007
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    You can find old cases a number of ways:

    1. Goodwill stores
    2. Sometimes dumps will have PC part collection areas.
    3. Dumpster diving! :hehe:
    4. Small PC stores
    5. Ask your friends, family, etc.
  3. Javerh

    Javerh Topiary Golem

    5 Sep 2006
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    Just picked up a case from a dumpster. There were about 5 other cases there so if you find the right place, it can be a gold mine.
  4. tranc3

    tranc3 ADHD Modder

    16 Jul 2007
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    prepare to go dumpster diving, schools. and other places .. throw away alot of old computer. just ask arournd. if you not to worried about type, or age most places will give them to you, mabey. me and a few friends got a few from the school, then toook like 30 out of he dumpster.
  5. Macros_the_Black

    Macros_the_Black Yup.. I'm a f-ing reptile

    7 Jul 2007
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    I definitely second the school dumpster diving option! When looking for some free sheet metal, I found a bunch of old computer cases in the scrap metal dumpster at the closest high school.

    Also, you might try going to a local metal recycling station/company. I bet they have lots of useful metal parts that can be used for modding. As a matter of fact, I'm planning on stopping by such a place this week, on my way home from school (there's a bus stop practically across the street). ^_^ A possible downside with such a place, is that you'll probably have to pay for the metal by the kg/pound instead of getting it for free, but it should be really cheap anyways, so it's no biggie.

    Note: It could be a good idea to ask the "owner" first if you may take stuff out of their scrap metal dumpster, cause they probably get payed by the kg/pound for their scrap metal, and taking w/o asking is stealing. Wouldn't want you to get in trouble with the law, just for the sake of acquiring cheap modding material. :(

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