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News 'Firefly' to become MMORPG

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Garside, 8 Dec 2006.

  1. geek1017

    geek1017 What's a Dremel?

    6 Aug 2002
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    The one thing that the film did right by was the character of River.

    Kaylee wasn't the same, I thought she was too thin. They tried to incorporate a lot of the themes from the show such as the Kaylee/Simon relationship but not as well as the show did.

    Overall plot was good, it just seemed like a really long episode of the show that killed off too many characters and just left the Browncoat audience unsatisfied.

    Again, it might be down to high expectations though.

    Rent, borrow, or otherwise see the series NOW. You won't regret it.
  2. speedfreek

    speedfreek What's a Dremel?

    9 Nov 2005
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    Agreed. Good show.

    I see it going two ways and leaning to the first way, it majorly blows and no one will play it. Or it is a good game done right, which I doubt will happen, and it will have a decent run. I think the first one will happen because someone sees how much money wow is ripping off people and thinks that a mmo is a turn key venture, they put just enough effort into it to get it going and sit back and let it die while they wonder why no one is coming.
  3. draxar

    draxar What's a Dremel?

    10 Jan 2006
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    It (I'd imagine) wouldn't be trying to recreate the depths of the main characters of the show, because they'd only be one of them in all the universe, most players won't interact with them much even if they put them in. What they'd be trying to do would be to recreate the depth of the setting they are in, and that's certainly doable.

    The one thing I feel is that it should be like EVE in that death has high cost.

    Y'see, I primarily play WoW solo. Sure I've done some dungeon runs, and occasionally I party with my housemates. But most of the time I'm just wandering around on my own. Sure you do somewhat better with backup, but you can do just fine without.
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