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Windows Fluffed my SSD?

Discussion in 'Software' started by zyvisu, 23 May 2011.

  1. zyvisu

    zyvisu What's a Dremel?

    17 May 2011
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    I've just built my swanky new pc and installed Windows 7 onto my SSD. Everything has been okay, updating and installing programs until i realised that the SSD is on drive C. I am hearing that it should have been drive E, leaving my HDD to be on C!!

    Somehow i'm getting duplicates of some programs installed on both drives & also programs installing to the SSD when i don't want them to.

    I am using an OEM version of Windows and it has been authenticated online so i'm worried about doing a re-installation as i hear its used for singular installation.

    Is there anyway for me to rectify this problem (make C become E!)?
    Am i safe to re-install Win OEM if i need to?
    And what is the best way to manage the SSD/HDD combination?

    Thanks for your help.
  2. Flibblebot

    Flibblebot Smile with me

    19 Apr 2005
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    Drive letter don't really mean anything - they're just naming conventions going back to the days of DOS. By default, the drive that contains Windows is called C:, I'm not sure where you got the idea that it should be drive E?

    If you're installing programs onto the HDD rather than the SSD, many programs will still install portions into C:\Program Files\ whether you want them to or not. Programs like MS Office and Adobe apps will install shared applications into the Program Files folder and the main application into the folder you specified - that might be why you can see duplicate directories on both drives.

    You can install OEM versions multiple times without any problem as long as the base hardware doesn't change, but I really don't see why you'd need to do that at this moment.
  3. Booga

    Booga Cuppa tea anyone?

    28 Sep 2009
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    As Flibble said the letter really doesn't matter.
    My SSD is C: and I have 2 partions on my HDD E: & F:
    D: got taken by the optical.

    I only have OS and LOTRO plus a few annoying progs that don't give you an option to change the drive on install. All others go on E:

    I wouldn't bother trying to rename them.
  4. JazzXP

    JazzXP Eh! Steve

    30 Apr 2002
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    I've also pointed my temporary files (including internet cache) & swap file (with 12Gb of RAM I'm not swapping much anyway) to my HDD. I must say, I love NTFS junction points. App thinks something is on the C: when really it's on another drive.
  5. SuicideNeil

    SuicideNeil What's a Dremel?

    17 Aug 2009
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