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Case Mod - Complete Ford Shelby GT Casemod

Discussion in 'Project Logs' started by TheDutchmanModifies, 8 Sep 2017.

  1. TheDutchmanModifies

    TheDutchmanModifies What's a Dremel?

    23 Aug 2017
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    Hey guys! I recently finished my latest casemod. It was inspired by the Ford Shelby GT. I hope you like the result!

    Big thanks to Cablemod and Coolermaster for helping me out!

    Don't forget to check out my Instagram and Facebook pages for more mods:


    CPU: i7 6700K
    CPU Cooler: Coolermaster Masterair Maker 8
    GPU: Asus Strix GTX 1080ti
    PSU: Coolermaster G750M
    Mobo: Asus Strix Z270 E Gaming
    RAM: Corsair Vengeance DDR4 16GB @3200mhz
    Storage: Samsung 960 Evo M.2 500gb
    Case: Coolermaster Mastercase Maker 5
    Fans: Coolermaster Masterair RGB 120/140mm
    Cables: Cablemods custom cables
    Ledstrip: Cablemod widebeam hybrid ledstrip 60cm
    P9069109 2.jpg photo_2017-09-06_22-46-45.jpg photo_2017-09-06_22-47-11.jpg photo_2017-09-06_22-46-45.jpg photo_2017-09-06_22-46-53.jpg photo_2017-09-06_22-46-56.jpg photo_2017-09-06_22-47-05.jpg photo_2017-09-06_22-47-08.jpg photo_2017-09-06_22-47-11.jpg photo_2017-09-06_22-47-14.jpg photo_2017-09-06_22-47-17.jpg

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