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Forum Rules [please read BEFORE posting]

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by RTT, 16 Jun 2001.

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  1. RTT

    RTT #parp

    12 Mar 2001
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    BiT-Tech Forum Rules

    NO abusive language, whatsoever!
    NO swearing, a * is just a keypress away.
    NO Flame wars

    Please post Signature tests in the test forum provided.

    Any posts/threads that break the rules will most likely be nuked immediately.

    BiT-Tech Contact Details

    Anyone who has any complaints about BiT-Tech will follow the correct procedure by emailing the relevant BiT Tech person/s.

    Email Koolvin
    Email Kna

    >> Please See the About Section of BiT-Tech <<

    Porn - Any links to porn, any references to porn sites, will result in the offending user being immediately Nuked and banned permanently. You have been warned!!

    User Titles
    You need -
    (Min) 15 posts for: Saving for a Dremel
    (Min) 30 posts for: Modder
    (min) 100 Posts for: Mod Fr33k
    (min) 5000 Posts for: Mod Guru

    Forum Problems?

    Please email RTT with any problems

    **this WILL be added to so check back every now and then**

    RichTheTitch :)
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