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Case Mod - In Progress Fractal Define S2

Discussion in 'Project Logs' started by flix, 5 Jan 2020.

  1. flix

    flix Minimodder

    5 Aug 2009
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    I want to start another project.

    I have thrown the concept to it several times and kept collecting new ideas.
    Originally the whole thing was supposed to be kept white, then the combination wood & copper came to my mind.
    I held on to that for quite a while. Then I also ordered the first hardware.

    Among them was an AMD Wraith Prism Cooler, and now I'm a little bit flashed by the RGB.

    This cooler made sure that I definitely want to use some RGB in this build. For me it is not necessarily about having everything blinking, but rather about being able to set all colors. :) Simple RGB is boring, so digital RGBs will be installed everywhere.

    I thought that was really cool to use copper again, but when I had the first RGB things on the table here, I decided to drive the silver / nickel rail.

    So much for prehistory.[​IMG]

    The ideas currently look like this:
    • Use wood veneer -> oak
    • Completely rework the front: oak + RGB
    • Midplate with sLight
    • Cover the power supply tunnel with wood and install RGB elements
    • using watercooling: Not that much radiators internal cause of using an external MoRa
    • using a lot of Aquacomputer controling stuff
    • No cables should be visible in the interior
    • minimalist tubing
    • On the contrary: clean tubes and cable routing
    • ...

    - Fractal Define S2 Tempered Glass

    - Fractal Ion+ 860W Platinum

    - ....

    The Case:

    Fractals S2_Worklog_002.jpg
    Fractals S2_Worklog_003.jpg
    Fractals S2_Worklog_004.jpg

    Fractals S2_Worklog_005.jpg
    Fractals S2_Worklog_006.jpg
    Fractals S2_Worklog_007.jpg

    A big shout out to Fractal. They support this project with a PSU and Case.


    Thank You​

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