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Graphics FULL 12 inch LCD case mod?`

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by UserNotFound, 17 May 2002.

  1. UserNotFound

    UserNotFound What's a Dremel?

    17 May 2002
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    i have a 12.1 inch tft screen from a laptop (the screen is a samsung, i removed it from an IBM laptop after the CMOS battery holder fell out, oops) and i was wondering about the feasibility of making a case mod with it, like a built in screen to the side of my case for using at parties so i don't have to drag around my 21"

    it has a workign inverter attached, and i plugged it into another laptop, and it still worked, but how would i get a signal to it from a PC??

    i don't need help with the physical modding, i can do that, i just need to now how to get it to display an image

    feel free to email me with suggestions


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