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Modding G-Cooler LC775...yep, for an LGA775 cpu

Discussion in 'Modding' started by bwuggley5, 16 Aug 2008.

  1. bwuggley5

    bwuggley5 What's a Dremel?

    23 Dec 2007
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    A few photos...it is Saturday night as well so an extra photo...or 2...heh...
    I dismantled this cpu water cooler block, just for interest sake it uses about 50mls of fluid...[​IMG] ... and some of this kit looks like this...the cpu block is not hollow as it seems in the photo...see the cool pic at the bottom of this post...[​IMG]By nickleboms at 2008-08-16 ... the drawing in the background is of the shim for an acrylic water block top and cpu bracket I am making for the Gigabyte watercooling cpu I have mentioned in another project....about this G-Cooler.There was a fair bit of rubber scraps in the water when I flushed the system out. The rubber gasket seems to need trimming. If I look at the inside of the bottom of the block and put the gasket in position the edges of the rubber cover some of the raised spiral area. It seems to me the rubber should be flush with the edges of the spiral edges so the cooling fluid can flow freely...so do you think I should trim the rubber? I thought if I trimmed it the water would flow better.

    There may be a time I should replace the rubber so what material I should replace it with....gasket = cork??

    Some entertainment...whilst supping I found...this...straight out of the packet!!!...at 3rd look it seems to be man made... [​IMG]
    By nickleboms at 2008-08-16...I knew you would all be interested in this one!..and...[​IMG]
    By nickleboms at 2008-08-16 ... the light shining on the insides of the cpu heatsink as I was experimenting with lighting for photos...
    ...see how the rubber spirals, the spiral is loose and is going to be awkward to keep on the top of the copper spiral inside the block when I reassemble the block.
    What should I use to stick the rubber to the copper spiral ?
    ...I am thinking I could use something temporary so not to damage the rubber, but the rubber is very elastic in nature so when I screw the block to the bracket the rubber may slip across the open spiral where the water is supposed to flow. When I place it on the copper spiral I have to hold it in position with 6 or so fingers to have the rubber sit only over the raised section of the copper spiral.

    ..I am new to araldite...and by golly it can stink!
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